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We absolutely hate cutting down trees!

However, sometimes tree removal and maintenance is necessary to sustain the health, aesthetics, safety, and liability of your property. American Tree and Excavation Service is a home to highly skilled technicians who can provide a complete solution to all your tree related problems. We can provide a Certified Arborist if requested. 

Our expert tree services include:

Tree Removals

Cutting down a tree, especially a large one, in urban landscapes can prove to be a heavy challenge. These trees are often surrounded by other valuable plantings, roadways, and structures making it an increasingly difficult process. Moreover, tree removal in public or commercial space can even be hazardous to public.

Tree removal is a highly technical process and requires well-trained, qualified professionals to get the job done.

Our highly skilled technicians can strategically remove trees from any landscape, residential, and commercial space. We use innovative and advanced machinery to ensure complete protection of the surroundings. The exact equipment to be used is determined by the landscape conditions, branch architecture, and the strength of the tree.

Tree Chipping

Tree chipping is the process in which fallen branches, cut down trees, and unwanted wood is reduced to smaller pieces, normally using the wood-chipping machine. The wood that needs to be chipped is placed into one end of the machine and the ground-wood comes out from the other end.

Wood chipping is one of the most preferred and convenient methods for clearing tree waste at a low cost. Get in touch with us to clear out any unwanted tree waste as fast as possible.

Tree Pruning/Thinning

Tree Pruning/Thinning should be a regular part of all tree and shrub maintenance and should enhance the trees natural shape. If done properly, pruning improves tree growth, increases production of flowers and fruits, enhances tree health, and removes damaged branches.

It is very important to prune the trees at the right time and in the right way. Keep in mind that it is possible to kill a perfectly healthy tree through negligence and over-pruning. Therefore, it is recommended that you hire professionals to get the job done.

American Tree and Excavation Services include professional tree pruning/thinning. Our skilled members make sure that the trees are pruned in proper shape and can help in reducing the risk of fall from dead or weak branches, providing clearance, and reducing shade and wind resistance.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is the last step in removing a tree. A stump is usually removed using a stump grinding machine and operator. Leaving tree stumps as they are can bring down the aesthetic value of your lawn and property.

They can take years to rot or decay, increase the chance of potential injury, and also run the risk of significant cave-in or sinkhole problems.

Get the unwanted tree stumps removed from your lawn or property. Contact us to get highly professional stump removal service.